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This calculator is intended as a guide only. The actual benefits received at the time of payment are calculated according to the number of days served. Your scheme salary calculation at that time could vary according to conditions of your employment.

The calculator can help you decide whether the benefits you have accrued are sufficient for you and your family or whether you need to seek advice about additional personal arrangements.

All figures are shown gross and do not take into account any personal income tax liability.

Use your tab button to move between fields. If you need any assistance, please call us on freephone 0800 881 8085.

New NHS Pensions Benefits Calculator

Please complete your details in the green boxes. All of the other numbers are calculated automatically.

Age when you joined the pension scheme* Age of your youngest child at next birthday* Your current income* £
Your age now* Age of your second youngest child at next birthday* % of your current income needed by your family* %
Normal scheme retirement age. How many more years is your family financially dependent upon you?* Income needed by your family. £
Retirement income Ill Health Retirement Dependants Death In Service Benefit
Pension earned to date £ Tier 1 ill health pension plus 3 x lump sum £ Partners pension £
Projected pension at scheme retirement age. £ Tier 2 ill health pension plus 3 x lump sum £ Dependent Childrens Pension. £
Max cash lump sum payment £ State Benefit Employment & Support Allowance. £ Basic State Benefit £
Reduced pension if maximum cash is taken £ Total Income £ Total income on death. £
Shortfall between income needed and long term income received. £ Annual income shortfall £
For more information on boosting your benefits, please click here. 2 x Income lump sum payment £
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